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“It is the courageous few who ask for help. It is the giving few willing to help others. We can all find the courage we need and know the joy of service – the minute we learn that together is better.” ~ Simon Sinek

We are working together with some local brands who share our vision and values to deliver natural goodness to the market. 

These are local brands making great products that we are excited about! 

Find out more below!

At Fossa Chocolate, they make chocolates and confections that are truly handcrafted from scratch in their workshop in Singapore.

They roast, crack and winnow cacao beans and refine them into chocolate which is moulded into bars and individually packaged by hand. The process is time-consuming but rewarding. By carefully handcrafting in small batches with no additives, they are able to showcase the unique flavours and nuances of each batch of cacao.

Working with farmers who have dedicated their lives to the craft of cacao cultivation and fermentation, Fossa Chocolate buy only high-quality cacao because great chocolates can only be made from fine cacao that has been treated with care and skill. Through craftsmanship, they aim to bring forth the best flavours for your enjoyment.

Rickshaw Coffee uses Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) as an approach to grow with communities. Taking a strengths-based approach we look at what is strong and not what is wrong.

Benjamin, the founder of Rickshaw Coffee pioneered the concept in Singapore at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre and has been a practitioner for the past 10 years. It is #notjustcoffee for us, people feel a stronger sense of belonging when they can contribute to their own community. Every bean matters to making a good cup of joe and so does everyone to make a cohesive society.

The programmes and activities proposed are meant to empower and initiate people into starting their own acts of good deeds.

Nuts About Butter is brought to you by a team of passionate food enthusiasts who are advocates of clean eating.

They are on a mission to get you started on eating better, by simply starting with something as simple such as your daily spreads. Habits are hard to change. Stakes are high when you try to attempt to make many changes all at once to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Instead of attempting a lifestyle overhaul, go for small changes and create small wins for a start.

Switch your daily spreads to a wholesome nut butter spread. That’s a simple change that leads to an easy win. Multiple small wins will eventually result in a quantum leap. Soon you will find yourself stronger, leaner and more energized.

They believe in nourishing your body & soul from inside out. With a simple homemade nut butter spread that is freshly churned right here in Singapore.

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